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It’s natural that as the dark nights draw in and temperatures begin to drop, some people will be tempted to hang up their exercise gear and hibernate?  But did you know exercising outdoor in winter has been shown to burn far more calories than exercising indoors!

People who exercise indoors face no wind resistance, changes in terrain or adverse weather conditions to make their bodies battle harder during exercise.  So during winter when the weather is at its worse and cooler, just by being outside you are already working harder than those inside to keep warm!

Staying active throughout winter will also help beat those seasonal blues and keep you in tip top health.

And if that wasn’t enough, here are 5 more great reasons why exercising outside with Armed Forces Fitness is better for you:

Endorphins – Our AFF members who train outside experience higher levels of post exercise endorphins (the thing which makes us feel good!) but did you know they also act as natural pain-relievers!

Fresh Air – sounds obvious but its benefits are bigger than you think.  Not only is it invigorating and refreshing; the higher oxygen levels outside in open space increases efficiency of almost all the reactions in your body – from weight loss, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and lowering your resting heart rate, they are all better with fresher air.

Serotonin – helps you feel calm, alert and able. You’ll be sharper at work too.  Exposure to the outdoor world boosts serotonin. What better place than West Park Stray!

Vitamin D – this comes from natural sunlight which helps promote the absorption of calcium providing strength to the bones, reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system. Even on a cold Saturday AFF session – you’ll get some!

Variety – exercising outdoors gives you far more flexibility to perform exercise routines and work muscles functionally –things that just can’t be achieved in a gym.

**So next time you think about missing a session because it’s a bit cold or wet, get your outdoor kit on and get out there knowing that you will be burning far more calories than someone sweating it out in a gym! We might look bonkers out in the snow but we know what we are doing!!**

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